Chevrolet Impala 9 576 L
Tbilisi, Georgia   |   Customs not cleared
კანდელაკი ლაშა, call +995577560110
Year: 2012
Body Type: sedan
State: good
Engine Type: petrol
Power: 306 hp
Engine Vol: 3.6 l
Mileage: 96 K. km
Drive : front-wheel drive
Doors: 4/5
Number of seats: 4-5
Exterior Color: black
Modification: open
sunroof, Gearbox: automatic, Steering wheel: left, hydraulic actuator, ABS, ESP, airbags: 3-6, сentral locking, security alarm, power windows, conditioner, Material: textiles, Color finish: grey, navigation, tripcomputer, cruise control, alloy wheels

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срочно! Машина в хорошем состоянии, приехала 2 недели назад. двигателя, коробки передач и подвески находятся в идеальном состоянии. новый аккумулятор и новые покрышки. очень мягкий и удобный. расход топлива в городе 10-11 литров, на автостраде 7-8 литров.
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created at: 06.02.2019

23 140 L  2014 year
tel. +995591049225
Tbilisi, customs not cleared
49 210 L  2017 year
tel. +995599211414
Rustavi, customs not cleared
50 540 L  2017 year
tel. +995599211414
Rustavi (AUTOPAPA), customs not cleared

Expenses on customs clearance of vehicle in Georgia
Excise tax
Import Customs Duty
Year of production
Engine Vol
Total, $

Expenses on customs clearance of vehicle in Georgia
Excise tax, GEL
Import tax, GEL
Revenue service, GEL
20 Expert estimation, GEL
30 Declaration tax, GEL
Year of production
Engine Vol
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