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Car Wash Complex of Rustavi’s Car Market AUTOPAPA

 If you are going to visit Rustavi’s Car Market to buy or sell vehicle don’t spend money on having your car washed in Tbilisi, you can get it washed directly on the market. Washing and cleaning of the car body are simple operations but they must be fulfilled correctly and in succession. Every motorist knows that repainting of the body may be very expensive and troublesome and thereby one must take care of the paint cover of his car. 

 The correct care of the car body will guarantee its durability and economy of the decent amount of money, because auto body is the most expensive part of the vehicle, it is about a half of its whole cost. The fulfillment of corrosion control plays the main role in this important matter but no less important is usual but correct car wash. 

 1. Don’t remove dirt from the auto body by scrubbing or scraping.
 2. Light and sunny day isn’t good time for the car wash. Water drops remained on the cover of the car may become like the magnifying glass and make sun burn the paint.
 3. When washing your vehicle don’t use alkaline detergent, washing powder or solvent!
 4. . Don’t save the water when washing the car, its deficiency may cause residue of polluting particles on the cover.
 5. Auto body will grow dim and blister in 3-4 years if you don’t use auto cosmetics. 

 That’s why Rustavi’s Car Market advise you to have your car washed at our Car Wash. Here our professionals will wash, make dry-cleaning and polishing of the headlights without any harm to your vehicle. 


 For further information contact:
 +995 592 32 22 24

Updated: 01.02.2019
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