Free registration on the birthday of the car market 19.12.2018

Welcome, dear friends!

On December 19, 2009 Rustavi car market AUTOPAPA first opened its doors to visitors.

 This year we are 9 years old!
 As a sign of gratitude, we decided to prepare a symbolic gift for you on our Birthday: come to the car market on December 19 and choose a car for yourself, and AUTOPAPA will pay for all expenses for state registration of the transaction in Georgia.

Regards, AUTOPAPA Team




Terms and conditions of the promotion:

 The organizer of the action is Rustavis Avtobazroba LLC (416289377). Actual address: Rustavi, adjacent DOSAAF territory;
 State registration implies: Vehicle Registration , Reissue Vehicle Registration;
 The action involves vehicles that will receive parking services no later than December 16. Be sure to provide a parking ticket;
 The organizer reserves the right to refuse at any time, to reduce or increase the duration of the action, to postpone, change or cancel the said action without prior notice at its sole discretion.



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