Commission sale of cars



Комиссионная продажа авто

 Do you want to sell your car without wasting time looking for buyers? AUTOPAPA team will help you with this! 

You do not have to meet with many interested and answer "stupid" questions


Admission to commission is a safe way to sell a car. If selling used cars is not your main occupation, then it is best to entrust it to professionals, thereby protecting yourself from all kinds of troubles.


  • the ability to quickly and safely sell your car at a market price;
  • powerful advertising support on all AUTOPAPA media resources;
  • You can choose one of 9 car market sites that are most suitable for you;
  • round-the-clock protection of the territory;
  • any foreign cars are accepted, the car must be legally and technically clean, and we do not accept cars for sale after serious accidents.
Комиссионная продажа авто


For setting YOUR CAR FOR SALE need the following:

  • Title
  • have the legal right to drive a car, the owner’s civil passport, a general power of attorney (if you are not the owner of the car)
  • set of keys
Комиссионная прожажа авто

  The cost of providing the "Commission sale of cars" service is 540 GEL. During the term of the contract, daily parking services are not charged.

  We guarantee the sale of your car in the shortest possible time, and provide the opportunity to sell the car for 6 months (It turns out 540/180 = 3.00 GEL per day).

For detailed information call:

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